How to Back Up Your Xverse Wallet

Backing up your Xverse wallet is essential for the security of your assets. Here’s how you can create a secure backup by accessing and storing your wallet’s secret recovery phrase (seed phrase).

Secret recovery phrase is a twelve or twenty-four-word phrase that can be used to restore your wallet.

Steps to Back Up Your Wallet

  1. Go to Settings (Cog Wheel icon) > Select Backup Wallet.
  2. Enter your password or PIN for security verification.
  3. Click on Reveal to view your seed phrase. Click Continue to complete the process.



Write down your seed phrase and store it securely. Avoid storing your seed phrase digitally and never share it with anyone, including support teams. Additionally, ensure it is protected from environmental and fire hazards.

Backing up your wallet ensures that you can recover your funds if you lose access to your device or the app. Without the seed phrase, it is impossible to restore your wallet and access your assets.

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