How to Create a New Xverse Wallet?

Setting up your new Xverse Wallet is quick and easy. Follow these steps below to get started.

Download and Install Xverse Wallet

Xverse is available for download on both desktop and mobile app. Visit Xverse official website and click “Download” in the top right corner or directly via this link: to complete the download and install your Xverse wallet.

Create a New Xverse Wallet

  1. Launch Xverse Wallet on your device, click on “Create New Wallet”. Read and accept Xverse Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


  2. Backup Your Seed Phrase: It is highly recommended to backup your seed phrase upon wallet creation. However, you do have the option to backup later at your convenience.


  3. Set a Password to secure your wallet, ensure using a strong password for additional security. For mobile app, you also have the option to use Biometric/PIN for your wallet login method.



 Important Notes

Xverse uses different addresses to manage BTC and Ordinals to prevent accidental spending of rare sats or inscriptions as fees.

  • BTC/Nested Segwit Address: storing BTC used for payment purpose (starts with "3").
  • Ordinals/Taproot Address: storing Ordinal inscriptions, BRC-20, and runes (starts with "bc1p"). 
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