How to transfer 5-byte BRC-20 tokens.

With BRC-20 tokens, the way they are transferred from wallet to wallet involves creating a transfer inscription (with the amount and ticker), which is then sent to the wallet holding the balance to validate ownership of the tokens.

This inscription is subsequently sent to another wallet, signaling the indexers to update both your balance and the recipient's balance.

Currently, for 4-byte transfers, we manage this process behind the scenes, allowing you to send with one simple step.

While our team is working on updating the process for 5-byte transfers, the current steps to transfer a BRC-20 token with a 5-byte ticker using the Xverse wallet are as follows:

1. Visit
2. Select "BRC-20" and then choose "Transfer".
3. Input the token ticker and the amount you wish to transfer.
4. Click "Next".

5. Confirm the details are correct, then click "Next" again.

6. Confirm the address that holds the token balance (beginning with BC1P) in the receiving address field.
7. Submit and pay the invoice.
8. The inscription is then received at the taproot address (also beginning with BC1P).
9. Find the newly created inscription in your collectibles tab (diamond icon).

10. Send that inscription to the recipient of the BRC-20 tokens.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to update our app to streamline the process.



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