Do I own rare sats?

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Enabling Rare Sats

To identify potentially rare and exotic sats in your Xverse wallet:

  • Go to Settings
  • Toggle on “Enable Rare Sats

When you browse your collectibles in the “Rare Sats” tab, you can see a complete list of UTXOs in your control and which Rare Sats they contain.


You can inspect these UTXOs or Sat Bundles by clicking them. This will open the sats bundle page, which lists the exotic sats contained in the bundle, along with their sattributes. Note that your sats may exhibit several sattributes (for instance, “uncommon pizza”).




Transferring Rare Sats

To transfer this Sat Bundle, hit “Send,” then enter the recipient address and choose the desired fee rate. Payment for this transfer will not come from this UTXO but from your dedicated Xverse BTC payment address, so rest assured your Rare Sats are safe! If the Sat Bundle contains an Inscription, you will receive a warning before you make the transfer. This also applies to transferring inscriptions! When transferring or examining your inscriptions, you will be able to see rare sats included in the UTXO before making a transfer.



Important Note

Be sure you are sending Rare Sats to an address that supports Ordinals.

Isolating Rare Sats

If you identify a rare sat in your Ordinals address and wish to isolate this from other assets, maybe with the intention to sell or inscribe on the sat, platforms like Magic Eden and Magisat provide the necessary tools for separating your UTXOs and isolating the satoshi.

Magisat Tutorials

Magic Eden Tutorials

If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team.

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