Q: Can I recover Runes accidentally sent to my Bitcoin address?
A: Yes (extension only currently), please see How to Recover Runes or Ordinals from Your Payment Address (Starting with 3)

Q: Why can't I view Runes on mobile?
A: Please update your device to v1.29.

Q: How can I mint tokens?
A: To mint Runes with Xverse, visit For more details, see here. While minting is compatible with both desktop and mobile, please note that viewing on desktop is not currently supported. Mobile support is expected early next week with v1.29.

Q: Can I use Ledger?
A: Yes. Runes support on Ledger is now available. Please update your Bitcoin app to latest version for this feature. For more information, please see here.

Q: Can I speed up Runes transactions?
A: Speeding up a Runes transaction is currently not supported with Xverse. We are working on a suitable tool to release in the near future.

Q: Can we batch mint runes?
A: Yes, currently we support batch minting up to 24 chained transactions. This allows you to receive your minted Runes in one consolidated UTXO and pay for the entire batch with larger UTXOs.

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