How Can I Cancel a Transaction?

Once a transaction is initiated and broadcast to the network, it generally cannot be canceled due to the decentralized nature of blockchain technology. The transaction's inclusion and confirmation are controlled by the network, not by the Xverse wallet.

Bitcoin Users:
Xverse wallet does not support the ability to modify or cancel Bitcoin transactions once they have been submitted. In some cases, you may be able to 'Speed Up' a transaction. If applicable, you will see the 'Speed Up' option under your transaction details. This feature is available for all transaction types, including Ordinal transfers, Bitcoin transfers, BRC-20 tokens, and Runes. As a non-custodial wallet, Xverse has no control over your transactions.

Stacks Users (Transaction Replacement):
Each transaction on the Stacks network is automatically assigned a nonce value by the wallet. This nonce value must increase by one with each subsequent transaction, determining the order in which transactions are processed. While a transaction cannot be canceled, it can be replaced by another. This process is not applicable for Bitcoin transactions in the Xverse wallet.

How Does a Transaction Become Pending?
A Stacks transaction may become pending due to network congestion, low transaction fees (causing miners to prioritize other transactions), or it is awaiting confirmation which can vary with network conditions. Additionally, using an incorrect nonce can also keep a transaction pending until corrected.

To determine if an incorrect nonce is the reason for your pending transaction, please review the nonce of your pending transaction as seen in this image: nonce 2.png

Important Note:
If a transaction has already been confirmed on any network, it cannot be reversed or canceled.

Replacing a Pending Transaction on Stacks:

1. Identify the Pending Transaction: Locate the transaction that is still pending. Note the nonce value used for this transaction.
2. Open the Wallet:** Log into your wallet where you originally sent the pending transaction.
3. Create a New Transaction: Send a nominal amount of STX to another address (minimum amount is 0.000001 STX).
4. Click 'Next.'
5. Access Advanced Settings: On the 'Confirm Transaction' page, find and select the ‘Advanced Settings’ option.
6. Set the Nonce Value: Manually set the nonce to the same value as the pending transaction you are trying to replace (e.g., nonce 5).
7. Increase the Transaction Fee: Enter a higher fee rate than the pending transaction to encourage miners to prioritize this new transaction over the old one.
8. Review and Send the New Transaction: Carefully review all details of the new transaction. If everything is correct, submit the transaction.
9. Verify the Replacement: After sending, monitor the status of the new transaction. Use the Hiro explorer or a similar tool to confirm that the new transaction has taken the place of the old one.

Replacing an Incorrect 'Nonce' on Stacks:

If you discover your transaction is stuck due to an incorrect nonce, follow these steps:

1. Find the Correct Nonce Value: Check your last executed transaction's nonce on Hiro explorer by entering your wallet address. Note the nonce used. nonce.png
2. Calculate the Correct Nonce: If the last successful transaction nonce was 8, and inadvertently 15 for your next transaction, you change the nonce of your next transaction, or current one to 9.
3. Proceed with Transaction Replacement: Use the steps outlined in "Replacing a Pending Transaction on Stacks" to submit a new transaction with the correct nonce value. Alternatively, if available, use the 'Speed Up' option for the pending transaction to adjust the nonce to the correct value.

Alternatively, if it is not urgent, you can wait 2-5 days when pending transactions are typically dropped.

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