BRC-20 Transfer Using Ledger

Currently, the ability to directly inscribe from the Ledger address within Xverse is not available, though it is expected to be enabled in the future. In the meantime, you can utilize to create a transfer inscription for BRC-20 tokens.

How to:

1. Visit

2. Select BRC-20 and then choose "Transfer".

3. Input the token ticker and the amount you wish to transfer.

4. Click "Next".

5. Input your Ledger Taproot address that holds the token balance (beginning with BC1P) in the "Receiving Address" field.

6. Uncheck the "low postage" option.

7. Select your preferred fee amount.

8. Submit and pay the invoice.

9. The inscription is then received at the Ledger Taproot address.

10. Find the newly created inscription in your collectibles tab (diamond icon).

11. Send that inscription to the recipient of the BRC-20 tokens.


If you run into any troubles, or need further support please feel free to open a support ticket.

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