Is There a Way to ‘Disconnect’ My Wallet from a Website (Ordinals)?

When you connect your Xverse Wallet to a website, the site gains the ability to view your Bitcoin (BTC) address and associated details like your BTC balance. It's important to understand what this connection means and the controls you have over these interactions as some websites may not offer a ‘disconnect’ option.

What Does Connecting to a Website Mean?
Connecting your wallet to a website does not grant the site any ongoing permissions to access or use your funds. It only allows the site to see your public BTC address and any related balances. Unlike Ethereum and other blockchains where connecting can entail broader permissions, Bitcoin interactions require explicit authorization for each transaction.

Transaction Authorization:
Each time a transaction is initiated via a connected site, you will be prompted to review and approve the transaction. This review process is crucial as it allows you to verify the transaction amount and any fees included before confirming.

Disconnecting from Websites:
Currently, Xverse Wallet does not support the feature to view a list of connected sites or disconnect from them in a single action. Disconnecting from a site does not provide significant security benefits, as the site retains no ongoing access to your funds after you navigate away.

Future Updates and Features:
We recognize the demand for enhanced management of website connections and are exploring features that would allow users to manage and disconnect from websites more transparently

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