How to use Xverse in-app Speed Up Function?

Xverse users can speed up pending transactions with RBF (“Replace by Fee”). RBF allows users to expedite an unconfirmed transaction by replacing it with a new one with a higher network fee.

What is Replace-by-Fee (RBF)?

Replace-by-Fee (RBF) is a method that allows you to increase the transaction fee of a pending transaction. This is particularly useful if your initial transaction is taking longer than expected to get confirmed due to a low fee.

How does RBF work?

RBF works by creating a new transaction with a higher fee, which replaces the original transaction. This new transaction is more likely to be picked up by Bitcoin miners because of the higher fee, speeding up the confirmation process.

RBF can be used for a variety of transactions within Xverse, including sending BTC, sending Ordinals, sending rare sats, recovering Ordinals, and purchasing Ordinals (including BRC-20) or rare sats on marketplaces that support these transactions.

Please note that BRC-20 transfers are not yet supported, but this feature is coming soon!

Enabling RBF

RBF is enabled by default in Xverse, but some apps may require you to disable it to transact. You can find this setting by going to:

Settings > Advanced > Enable/Disable RBF

How to use the Speed Up function in Xverse?

For a detailed walkthrough, check out the below video guide on how to use the Speed Up function in Xverse!

1. Open Your Transaction History: Locate the pending transaction you want to speed up. Transactions eligible for RBF will have a “Speed Up” icon.


2. Select “Speed Up”: You can select from Low/Medium/High priority rates or set a custom fee based on the current mempool status.

Once you select "Submit," Xverse will broadcast your new transaction with the increased fee rate. You can then track the new, faster replacement transaction in your transaction history. 

For Ledger users

To complete the RBF process, you will need to sign the new transaction with your Ledger device. Ensure your device is ready and connected before proceeding.

If you have any questions or encounter issues with using RBF, please contact our support team for assistance.

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