How can I speed up a BTC transaction in Xverse?

Users of Xverse can speed up pending transactions with RBF ("Replace by Fee"). RBF allows users to expedite an unconfirmed transaction by replacing it with a new one with a higher network fee. 

What is Replace-by-Fee (RBF)?

Replace-by-fee (RBF) allows you to increase the transaction fee of a pending transaction. This is particularly useful if your initial transaction is taking longer than expected to get confirmed due to a low fee. 

How does RBF work?

When you enable RBF for a transaction, you essentially create a new transaction with a higher fee, which is more likely to be picked up by Bitcoin miners. This new transaction uses the same inputs as the original one but indicates to the network that it should replace the earlier transaction. 

When to use RBF

RBF is ideal when:

  • Your transaction is taking too long to confirm.
  • Network conditions have changed, resulting in higher required fees for timely confirmations.

Enabling RBF

RBF is enabled by default, but some apps may require you to disable it to transact. You can find this setting by going to:

  1. Settings
  2. Advanced
  3. Enable/Disable RBF

Types of transactions that will support RBF

  • Sending BTC
  • Sending Ordinals
  • Sending Rare sats
  • Recovering Ordinals
  • Purchasing Ordinals (including BRC-20) or rare sats on a marketplace if the marketplace allows

Important Note

BRC-20 transfers are not yet supported, but this is coming soon!

Using RBF

When you open your transaction history, RBF-enabled transactions will display an icon that says, "Speed up."


When you select "Speed up," you can choose a higher fee rate based on the original rate and the current state of the mempool, i.e., which fee rate is currently considered Low/Medium/High priority (see You can also set a custom fee rate. 

Once you select "Submit," Xverse will broadcast your new transaction with the increased fee rate, and you can now track the new, faster replacement transaction in your transaction history. 

For Ledger users

To submit the replacement transaction, you will be prompted to sign the transaction with your Ledger device. Please have your device ready and connected before proceeding with RBF.


If you have questions about this process or have encountered an issue with RBF, please get in touch with our support team. 

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