How do I unlock my STX?

Where do I find the option to revoke?

If you wish to revoke your delegation to increase your stacking amount or transfer your STX, please go to the stacking dashboard or Earn tab and select "Unlock Funds." You will receive a message indicating how long you must wait for the cycle to end, then select "Stop Stacking."

How do I make sure my funds are successfully unlocked?

To ensure your funds are unlocked at the end of a cycle, several conditions must be met:

  1. Unlock your funds approximately seven days before the cycle ends.
  2. The revoke function must be successfully confirmed on the Stacks blockchain.
  3. 100 blocks must pass after the end of the cycle, and then your funds will become available.

If you're having any issues with unlocking STX, please submit a request to our technical support team.

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