How to Connect Your Ledger Device to Xverse

Here is a quick guide to setup your Ledger device with Xverse Wallet:

Step 1

Download Xverse:, available on iOS, Android* and Chrome. Xverse is the leading wallet for Bitcoin Web3, enabling users to connect to apps, safely store and send Ordinals and BRC20 tokens, earn BTC rewards with Stacks, and soon enjoy instant payments with the Lightning network.

*Please note that Ledger integration is currently only available with the desktop extension.



Step 2

Create a new hot wallet or, if you already have an Xverse Wallet downloaded and setup, navigate to the "Change Account" screen. Then, select Connect Hardware Wallet.

Ensure your Ledger device is unlocked, connected to Bitcoin, authorized by your browser, and updated to the latest version.



Step 3

You will be given a Bitcoin payment and Ordinals address to add to your wallet, generated by your Ledger device. Confirm both addresses to continue.



Step 4

Next, you’ll have the option to name your account, which will appear at the top of your account list with a small “Ledger” icon next to it. That’s it! 



You can also checkout the step by step process in this short clip:


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