I transferred my BRC-20 token to my BTC address. What do I do now?

To recover your BRC-20 token balance from your BTC payment address, you will need to inscribe a transfer inscription from your BTC payment address and then use the Recover Assets feature to transfer it to your Ordinals address.

Inscribing the Transfer Inscription

Go to http://ordinalsbot.com/

  1. Select BRC-20
  2. Select Transfer
  3. Enter the token ticker and amount you are wanting to transfer from your BTC address.
  4. Select Next
  5. Enter your BTC Nested Segwit Address that contains the token balance(starting with 3...) in the Receiving Address field.
  6. Uncheck the low postage option.
  7. Choose your fee amount 
  8. Submit and Pay Invoice


Make sure you have enough BTC to cover all associated fees.

Recovering your Transfer Inscription and BRC-20 Token Balance

  1. Settings
  2. Recover Assets
  3. Recover Ordinals
  4. Select the new "Valid" transfer inscription
  5. Pay the necessary fees to transfer the ordinal and your BRC-20 balance to your Ordinals Address.


Having trouble with this process? Please reach out to our support team.


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