How do I mint BRC-20 tokens using Xverse?

Step 1 

Download Xverse wallet, available for iOS, Android or the Chrome Browser extension.


Step 2

You’ll need to own some BTC, which you can purchase directly in your Xverse app using a fiat onramp service. Alternatively, you can “top up” your wallet by using the BTC receive address and send BTC to Xverse from another account or exchange.

Step 3

Once the mint website, you will need to enter two addresses:

  1. Your BTC payment address: This will be used for processing refunds in case you're not one of the future owners of a BRC-20 token. In your Xverse wallet, navigate to the main tab, press the Receive button, and choose “Bitcoin” address. Copy the Bitcoin address and insert in the correct field on the BitGod mint website (when released).
  2. Ordinals address: This will be used to receive the BRC-20 token in case you successfully manage to mint one. In your Xverse wallet, navigate to the NFT tab, press the Receive button, and choose the “Ordinals” address. Copy the Ordinals address (this is a taproot recipient addressand insert it in the correct field on the mint website.

Step 4

Send BTC to the address provided on the official mint website. Please be vigilant and beware of scams. Only follow instructions shared by the official mint channels and double-triple-check you're on the correct website.

To send BTC, navigate to the main tab, click on Send button, select BTC, enter the correct amount and select the correct address as prompted by the official website. Then confirm the transaction.

That’s it! Your BRC-20 tokens should appear in your wallet upon receipt. The timing for this will depend on the inscription and sending process and network congestion.


Transferring BRC-20 Tokens

To transfer BRC-20 tokens with Xverse, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Inscribe Transfer: Create an Ordinal inscription with the token and amount you would like to send.
  2. Send Transfer Inscription: Once you have the transfer inscription you can send it to your recipient to transfer the BRC-20 token.

If you have any questions about using Xverse, contact our support team or join the Xverse Discord. Good luck!

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