Can I recover BTC sent to the Ordinal address in Xverse?

With the latest version of the Xverse browser extension (v0.21.0), you can now see and transfer Bitcoin mistakenly sent to the ordinals address.

Step 1:

Go to the Collectibles tab and select "Rare Sats." Regular Bitcoin will now display as an "Unknown Rarity Sats" bundle.


Step 2:

Xverse now supports exotic sats (See Do I own rare sats? and What sattributes does Xverse support?), but you can still connect your wallet to or input your ordinals address into Magic Eden to see if you have sats of an unsupported rarity in your wallet.

If no rare sats are detected, they will be labeled as "Common - Safe to Spend."

If rare sats are detected, and you want to keep them from being spent, you can also use, Magic Eden, or to isolate the rare sats and separate them from the rest of your BTC before recovering them to your Nested Segwit address. 


Step 3:

Select the bundle and transfer it to your BTC payment address. The app will give you a warning message, which you can disregard since this does not apply to regular Bitcoin transfers. Ensure you have enough BTC in your payment address to cover transaction fees. 


Important note:

We are aware of a bug that causes the recovery transaction to appear double negative in your BTC payment history. This is harmless, and we are working to fix this 🙌


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