How to Recover Runes or Ordinals from Your Payment Address (Starting with 3)

Please note: Rune recovery is currently only available with v0.34.1 via the desktop extension. Mobile support will be introduced in the future. To update your extension, please see: Update Your Chrome Browser Extension

Recovering Ordinals or Runes:


1. Select Settings (Cog Wheel Icon).
2. Find the 'Recover assets' option and select it.
3. Choose from 'Recover Ordinals' or 'Recover Runes'.
4. Select the assets you wish to recover.
5. Pay the necessary fees to transfer the Ordinal to your Ordinal address.

Please Note:
*Make sure you have enough Bitcoin in your BTC payment address to cover all the fees associated with transferring your assets. Failing to do so could result in a failed or pending transaction.

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