How can Ordinal Indexer issues impact my wallet?

What does an indexer do?

An Indexer is a tool that is used to organize and retrieve large amounts of data. 

What does an Ordinal indexer do?

An ordinal indexer is a program designed to track and read inscription data. Essentially, this tells whoever is using the indexer where the inscription is located and what data is associated with it. 

So what happens when there's an "outage" or problem with the ordinal indexer?

This can manifest in a number of ways, but the most common will be what you see in the ordinals gallery.

  • Duplicate ordinals
  • Suddenly not seeing an inscription in your gallery
  • Trouble sending or listing your ordinals
  • Content preview not displaying correctly/blank thumbnail
  • Ordinals not detectable in the Recover Ordinals window
  • Unknown ordinal displaying in your address

What can be done?

If you are experiencing any of these issues, DON'T PANIC!  

Instead, you can:

  • Check your address in a couple of explorers to see if the missing ordinal shows up.
  • Check the inscription id(s) in to see the location of the inscription. 

If the inscription is indeed located in your Ordinals Address, this is simply an indexer issue and nothing to worry about.

As annoying as they can be, indexer issues don't last forever and we are constantly working with providers to address outages that are impacting your wallet. We are also tirelessly improving our own systems to avoid issues in the future. Usually, the best thing to do is wait for these to resolve on their own so you can continue as normal. 

For issues that are more impactful, we take measures to enable or disable certain features to make sure there is no accidental loss of assets. Please regularly update your wallet to ensure you're benefitting from these changes.

If you would like us to take a look, please submit a ticket to our support team This way we can quickly investigate and work to resolve any issues.

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