My Ordinals are not displaying. What do I do?

If you are setting up a new wallet or just restored a wallet in Xverse:

  1. Go to Settings and Toggle on "Display ordinals"
  2. Refresh your app.
  3. Once these steps are complete, navigate to "Collectibles" to view your ordinal inscriptions.

If the ordinals were visible before, but are no longer displaying:

  • If there are no transfers in or out of your wallet that would indicate the wallet is compromised
  • You've confirmed the transfer is cleared in the mempool
  • Ordinal display is toggled on
  • Your wallet is up to date
  • You've tried clearing your cache and refreshing the wallet
  • You've tried using a VPN
  • Explorers are showing the ordinal is located at your address

This may be an indexer issue. Please see our guide on Ordinal Indexer issues and feel free to submit a support ticket to chat with our team.

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