How do I import my Sparrow Wallet into Xverse?

Ready to transfer your Ordinals from Sparrow to Xverse? It only takes a few minutes with these 3 easy steps:



Open the "Settings" tab of Sparrow Wallet and select "View Seed..." to view the seed phrase that contains your Ordinal inscriptions. 



Download Xverse wallet, available for iOS, Android or Chrome browser extension.



Enter the seed phrase found in Step #1 above into the "Restore an existing wallet" input displayed after installation. 


That’s it! Your Ordinal inscriptions will immediately appear in your Xverse wallet collectibles tab – a beautiful home for all your Bitcoin NFTs. If you don't see some of your Ordinals, they might be hidden in additional accounts which you can be revealed by pressing the “add new account button” in the account selection menu. 

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